Shining a light onto the dark side of EU fisheries

In collaboration with illustrators Good Wives and Warriors we explored the murky waters of EU fishing control combining stop frame, cell and 3D animation techniques to highlight the need for a transparent approach to Ocean management. MEPs will vote on the 26th January 2021 and we hope it is for a fairer more sustainable approach.

  • LEE-KUM-KEE-soy-sense_0015_Background
  • LEE KUM KEE soy sense_0000_Layer 15
  • LEE KUM KEE soy sense_0008_Layer 7
  • Leekumkee_Soy_sense_POS

Lee Kum Kee – Soy Sense

We created 5 characters design and animations with Media bounty to represent 5 different Lee Kum Kee soy sauces flavours. Thanks to deborah ho

The simple 2d approach was used to make them memorable and loveable, but most importantly transferable to print for unique Point of Sale bottle tags and tops. Enjoy

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Cra’ster – Line Table

A stop frame animation of the worlds thinest conference table.

Inmarsat – Deployment of Global Xpress

Our first journey into 360 video animations, DuckEye creative directed and animated this film for Visualise, teaming up with Once Were Farmers to render the final project with Arnold.


Just Add Fuel

Our first car commercial, we animated jigsaw peices on layers of glass to create this spot for Peugeot’s Just Add Fuel™ campaign.

  • green_party_bankers
  • green_party_retirement
  • green_party_jobs
  • green_party_transport
  • green_party_housing

The Green Party Election Broadcast

DuckEye helped to bring about political change!

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On the 7th May 2010 The Green Party won their first seat in Parliment. We created the Party Election Broadcast.


A Great Collaboration and Staff Pick on Vimeo

Collaboration with contempory dance choreographer Alexander Whitley, Atelic recieved 30,000 view on vimeo in it’s first week.

Atelic is motion control test film by DuckEye developed from ‘Iatrogenesis’ created for Rambert Dance Company’s ‘Season of New Choreography’. The film explores the popular technique of overlaying multiple performances of the same routine yet with the twist of using a metal grid structure to delineate between takes. Each scene was shot 3-4 times with a motion control rig to create dynamic sweeping moves past the grid and action beyond it. Although the compositing process was not the quickest the end result was well worth the effort.


  • Zero 7 - Crosses Part 1
  • Zero 7 - Crosses Part 2
  • Zero 7 - Crosses Ending

Zero 7 Crosses

Sit back and be hypnotised!

Our D&AD nominated music video for Zero 7. We created a cell animation of endless rotating Phenakistoscopes which take you on a journey through the evolution of civilisation.

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