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Despite a successful follow up to previous collaboration with Once Were Farmers and a lot of beard stroking, production has stopped on the project due to a change in marketing strategies, if you would like to see the finished piece please get in touch and we will provide you with a password for this link to the completed first episode.



t a n g l e d f e e t – PUSH

We’ve created a poster for our friends tangledfeet’s up and coming show PUSH!

“They’re everywhere on our high streets, juggling demands and jiggling the pushchair, trying to reconcile a baby’s illogical moods and bodily fluids with being out and respectable in public places.”

“Clench your pelvic floors and join us for the ride as physical theatre ensemble Tangled Feet put motherhood firmly in the spotlight with their unique brand of outdoor performance. Comedic and balletic, five pram-pushers weave paths between elation, despair, exhaustion and love.”

We created a series of hand drawn titles and illustrations for 6 films charting the process of purchasing a new house for 6 first time buyers. Each title was hand drawn frame by frame on an iPad using a graphics stylus. It took a long time but the results were very rewarding in keeping with the films warm friendly human feel.

Directed by Georgi Banks Davies